L'Aromatique - "the aromatic"
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These  emollients are added to your body butter for the skins ultimate moisture experience.  Other ingredients include..

Glycerin, Distilled Water, Organic Emulsifiers.
 Avocado Oil
Avocado oil exhibits excellent penetrating qualities with a very good spreadability which makes it ideal for all skin care applications.
Aloe Vera Oil
ALOE VERAAloe Vera oil is obtained from a species of succulant plants that produce a soothing gel which effectively aids in the soothing of minor skin wounds and skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and even ringworm. It is well suited for skin applications to aid in skin moisteration using the legendary properties of Aloe.
  Chamomile Butter
Used as a lotion or added in liquid form to a cool bath, chamomile may ease the itching of eczema and other rashes and reduce skin inflammation. It may also speed healing and prevent bacterial infection. It is completely miscible and is a natural extract of the Chamomile flower and can be added to any of L'Aromatiques balms, lotions, and bubble baths.
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter helps restore skin elasticity and aids in the reduction of wrinkles and reduces the degeneration of skin cells. This is a deodorized butter derived from the Cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao). The butter is extracted from seed kernels, processed and refined to obtain a tan colored butter suitable for cosmetics and toiletries. It's a hard butter with a steep melting curve, ideal for all of L'Aromatics body care products.
Mango Butter
Mango butter is obtained from the fruit seeds of the Mango tree. A pleasing firm butter is rendered from the fruit seed which has proven ideal for soaps, toiletries and cosmetics. Mango butter mositurizes and produces good skin lubricity. It counters the drying effects of bar soap and melts readily at skin temperature.
Shea Butter is our most popular skin application additive, attributed by it's ability to assist in dry skin, dermatitis, dermatoses, eczema, solar erythema and superficial burns as well as protection of the skin against weather, sun, and the elimination of superficial irritations. Shea Butter melts at skin temperatures making it ideal for lip balms, body butters, and lotions.
Sweet Almond Oil is traditionally used by massage therapists to lubricate the skin during a massage session. May also be used in hair care and sun care applications.